Sensual Orange

Sensual Orange is warm, light Pheromone Perfume is a must have for lovers of orange blossom. It is known for its mood lifting and refreshing mind. Orange fragrance has long been observed to have calming effects on the human nervous system. This lively, fruity and sweet aroma refreshes and purifies the senses, reviving emotional balance and ultimate well-being. It will give off a pleasurable aroma creating a pleasant atmosphere on any occasion, disinfecting the air of unwanted odors and some airbone pathogens. These freshly-squeezed fragrances are filled to the brim with juicy citrus that’s sure to brighten your day. Orange and Mandarin meet delicate notes of citrus blossom and leafy greens. The scent of rich woods lingers softly making for a truly refreshing fragrances experience.

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